GS1 College : (e-)commerce management for SME's

GS1 College is a unique training program covering GS1 basics and a wide range of commercial tools aiming at building knowledge so you can grow your brand, optimise assortment and expand in all channels!

GS1 College helps you and your business to create a common foundation for business growth. In a nutshell: this program will prepare you for the future!

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GS1 College offers 4 programs, each consisting of 3 webinars (60-90 min)

Program 1

Introduction to GS1 standards and the basics of category management

In this first program, you’ll have an overview of how you get prepared for the market challenges of today, an introduction to category management and GS1 standards

Program 2

Category Management & in-store brand presence

You’ll learn how to conduct a basic analysis of the category performance and how to detect opportunities to build a strong category vision and a consequent business plan with an eye on growth. You’ll also hear about how to build brand presence in-store for your brand and the importance of correct master data.

Program 3

E-commerce & digital readiness

This program teaches how you can get your share from the growing e-commerce business. This program will be filled with input from UK and German experienced trainers. We will also cover new retail formats and how to measure your presence in this new omni retail channel world. 

Program 4

 E-shopper marketing and way forward

This program is going deeper into the practical shopper marketing applications for the consumer & the shopper, with for example the use of (e-)coupons or smart apps. We will explore how to create added value by implementing these tools, which will lead to growth of and loyalty towards your brand/product. We will also cover the technical standards to use and how to implement them. 

Free support is provided after each webinar, via mails/Q&A or eventually an online session.

The webinars are given in English and conducted by global and local experts.

What you will learn

  • How to get ready to manage your products, categories, channels, vendors and partners in tomorrows’ world
  • How to excel in e-commerce and how to manage your product(s) in the (e-commerce) retailer channels, marketplaces and new channels, that are popping up
  • How to build your brand and how to innovate in order to gain your future stake in the market
  • How to build category and marketing strategies and plans and how to answer to your competitors strategies
  • How to capture and use customer/shopper experience through apps/retail/vendors programs
  • How to optimize and use traceability/transparency to build trust between you and your customer
  • How to translate the new e-category management for omnichannel into a commercial success
  • How GS1 standards & solutions help you achieve reducing errors and costs


GS1 College is open to everyone and specially designed for SMEs

  • People of all departments are welcome: CEOs, Supply Chain & Logistics, ICT, Commercial Support & Management, Marketing & Product Specialists, Category Managers, Data Managers 
  • All sectors are welcome: Retail, FMCG, DIY, Healthcare & Pharma,…
  • All actors of the value chain are welcome: from manufacturers to retailers