Exchanging product data in the DIY, Garden & Pet sector

You’ve been asked to use the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) to exchange product data. 

GDSN allows you as a supplier or a retailer to exchange accurate and up-to-date data across the globe with your business partners. The network enables you to synchronise product data and digital files (PDF, photos, MSDS, etc.), in a standardised manner. In a GS1 GDSN data pool, you’ll find data distributed by GS1 GDSN. 

A number of GS1 GDSN data pools 

A number of GS1 GDSN data pools are available worldwide. Your client has asked you to use one. It’s up to you to decide which you would like to use. We strongly recommend that companies use their GS1 organisation’s GS1 GDSN data pool. This allows members to benefit from extensive support, as well as specific training. Support is provided free of charge (included in membership). My Product Manager of GS1 Belgium & Luxembourg is one of the certified GS1 GDSN data pools. 

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Upload product data with My Product Manager/GS1 GDSN

How can I upload data to My Product Manager? 

Download product data with My Product Manager/GS1 GDSN

How can I recover product data in My Product Manager ? 

Data model update

Find out the latest news on the DIY, Garden and Pet data model. 

Change requests

The data model no longer meets my needs. How can I request updates? 

Learn about the unique features of the DIY, Garden and Pet data model.

Global Product Classification (GPC)

GPC allows suppliers and customers to group together and classify products in a standardised and unambiguous manner.  

Product images

Product images are a key component of product data sheets. You can share them using GS1 GDSN.  

Measure a product

Measurement rules are intended to facilitate a logical and replicable process for determining the packaging dimensions for a particular item.

Hazardous substances

The legislation regarding the storage and transport of hazardous substances has been strengthened.