FORUM is our annual information and networking event. We present our projects and take stock of the past year. Our members are also invited to speak out. So it's not just the event to keep up to date with the ins and outs of GS1, but also an opportunity to meet other members and network.

GS1 FORUM 2021

The GS1 FORUM 2021 took place on 7 October. 

This year again the GS1 FORUM was virtual and fully broadcasted live. 

Revisit the topics covered at the plenary session and the sector-specific sessions here.


GS1 FORUM 2020

The GS1 FORUM 2020 took place on 27 October. 

It was GS1 FORUM virtual and it was fully broadcasted live. 

It was a big challenge for our team to organise GS1 FORUM 2020, but according to your feedback, we can say it was a great success.