Data quality via the validation rules in My Product Manager

Data quality

How does My Product Manager determine that the product information is complete and correct?

The data model determines which product characteristics can be listed in the standardised product sheet. 

The validation rules determine which of those product characteristics must always, in certain cases, or may optionally be filled in. The validation rules also sometimes determine what the possible values of a particular product characteristic may be. Each validation rule is associated with an error or a warning, which is triggered if the rule is not complied with.

Both the data model and the validation rules are recorded per sector
The data model and validation rules are programmed into My Product Manager. Depending on the complexity of the “up front” or “back end” validation rule, the system checks whether the relevant product characteristics are correct.

Up front: 
  • My Product Manager web interface users (https: // receive a warning or an error message when the product sheet is saved notifying that the product sheet is incomplete or contains errors.
  • Users who publish to My Product Manager from the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) will be notified that My Product Manager has declined the product sheet for the corresponding reason.


  • Back end: Users of the My Product Manager web interface and users who publish from GS1 GDSN to My Product Manager can see on a report which product sheets were registered in the system, but still do not comply with the validation rules.


All My Product Manager users who register product information in My Product Manager, can follow the quality of their product sheets through an integrated quality report.

  • Suppliers who introduce product information only see the report for their own products.

Manual data quality report for suppliers

  • Companies that receive product information see the general report with all products, excepted the products for which they have been OPT-OUTed.

Manual data quality report for data recipients

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Tips & Tricks

Do you want to verify your data quality? Here are some tips and tricks to solve the most common mistakes. 

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